Struck In N.y., Phila. Orchestra Pulls Off A Concert Anyhow

(2) Kenny Chesney; $2,564,447; $76.71. 3. (3) Beyonce; $1,680,005; $113.64. 4. (4) Phish; $1,590,139; $50.54. 5. (5) Justin Bieber; $1,237,129; $80.67. 6. (6) Dave Matthews Band; $1,138,232; $57.56. 7. (7) Jason Aldean; $1,084,344; $47.22. 8.

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In statements regarding the labor dispute, both the union and Carnegie Hall management cited differences over union work in the hall’s newly created education wing. “We are disappointed that, despite the fact that the stagehands have one of the most lucrative contracts in the industry, they are now seeking to expand their jurisdiction beyond the concert hall and into the new Education Wing in ways that would compromise Carnegie Hall’s education mission,” said Clive Gillinson, Carnegie’s executive and artistic director. New York’s loss was Philadelphia’s gain. The orchestra organized a conducting competition in the lobby before the concert, with would-be podium-hoppers lining up to lead a string ensemble in an excerpt from Mozart’s Eine kleine Nachtmusik. A near-toddler tried out, his hands guided by orchestra associate conductor Cristian Macelaru. For this half-hour, the orchestra’s podium saw more diversity than in its entire history: women, African American men and women, Asians, the very young. One contestant was slow. The next slower. The next slower still. Until a young man came along who had clearly studied under the baton of Bugs Bunny, so comedically balletic was he. But the winner was Madeline Church, 9, who said that what she liked about conducting was being able to wave her hands and have a whole lot of people playing instruments do what she wanted.